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One Month!

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The Lord is taking me on a crazy journey! So far, it’s been absolutely beautiful… and I’m only half way through! The last month has had its challenges… and its rewards. I’ve been tried, tested, and pushed to the edge. Yet, through it all He has comforted me, amazed me, and reminded me how good He really is.  I came to the realization this week that though I have learned a lot about microenterprise projects in Kenya in the last month, I think I’ve learned even more about myself. I’m learning to be comfortable in my own skin.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I gave a business seminar to a really great group. I wrote a pretty long blog on Thursday, but of course the internet wasn’t cooperating so I wasn’t able to upload it. The group on Thursday was supposed to have a minimum of 20 people present but when we showed up to give the presentation at nine (as requested by the group), not one person was there. We opted to wait to start the seminar until Friday in hopes of a decent share of members attending. Friday morning Ashley and I waited a little over an hour before beginning the presentation. Four people were present. As I have mentioned, it can be frustrating at times. Within another hour, six more people showed up and we were having lively discussions and getting a lot accomplished. Tomorrow, we’ll finish the seminar (some how… there’s so much to cover and in such a short time!) plus the group has a lot of questions, so I imagine we’ll be there for awhile longer than scheduled.

This weekend, a group of us went to Uganda to raft the Nile. Our bus was late leaving Bungoma by about an hour and a half, so it was every bit of midnight before we arrived in Jinja. The bus ride was interesting, to say the least. For example, I’m pretty sure the bus driver hit a bicyclist as we were driving through a town along the way. We stayed at a the Nile River Explorer’s Backpackers site for the night in the dorms. The rooms are really affordable, at about $7 a night. After a light breakfast, we got into our life jackets and helmets and headed to the Victorian Nile, headwaters of the White Nile. Oh my goodness… what an experience! I hope to post some pictures on Facebook soon .While rafting, I saw all sorts of wildlife including monkeys, really huge lizards, egrets, and other birds.  We rafted through a handful of class 5 rapids and a bunch of smaller ones. It was seriously amazing! A really great way to relax after a trying week. Today, we came back to Kenya from Uganda. I think we’re all pretty exhausted.

I’m going to be pleasantly surprised if I can actually upload this blog post tonight, so I think I’ll stop here.



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